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Many people like the idea of growing their own sprouts at home as an alertnative to buying store bought for the freshiness and wide vartiety that they can grow.  However many people don't understand the risks involved and can quickly find themselves having trouble growing or getting sick from sprouts that are contaminated.  Listeria, Samonella, and Ecoli are often the culprits to people getting sick from eating sprouts.  In this class we will show you the proper prodcedure to starting sprouts and how to keep them safe.  We will also discuss the various methods to sprouting, types of sprouts to grow, seed and seed suppliers, harvesting sprouts, and proper storage of sprouts once harvested.  


Class includes;

  • Tour of the farm
  • Step by step how to sprout at home
  • Hands on sprouting demonstration
  • Includes small bag of seeds to take home
  • Discussing common issues with sprouting
  • Limit to 7 people per class
  • 2 hour long class
  • Cost is per person