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Many people enjoy the flavours and nutritional qualities of microgreens and would love to have the ability to grow at home instead of buying ready to eat store bought.  In this class we will teach you the basics on how to safely grow microgreens at home.  We will cover topics such lights required, temperature, humidity, air flow, sterlization, fungus and mold treatment techniques, germinating seed, seed and seed suppliers. 


Class includes;

  • Tour of the farm
  • A step by step on how to grow microgreens at home
  • Hands on demonstration how to plant microgreens
  • Includes take home of a small bag of soil, seed and tray to grow at home
  • Discuss common issues with microgreens
  • Limit to 7 people per class 
  • 2 hour long class
  • Cost is per person



Growing Microgreens