Rich in vitamins A, C, B1, B2, folic acid, and B12; calcium; iron; potassium; and chlorophyll. Unlike most plants, wheat grass provides all nine essential amino acids that your body can't produce. Wheat grass leaves are very alkaline, so digesting them can help the body maintain a proper pH balance. Learn more about the importance of an alkaline diet here wheat grass is high in chlorophyll, which is known to help cleanse the body, fight infection, heal wounds, and promote the health of the circulatory, digestive and immune, detoxify the systems, and may be able to increase the number of red blood cells and the body's ability to use oxygen. Some Benefits of Grass Substantiated by Research: Repairs DNA Enhances Immunity Stops Free-Radicals Inhibits Carcinogens Increases Longevity Helps Skin Disease Reduces Cholesterol Prevents Inflammation Promotes Cellular Rejuvenation Enhances Stamina & Endurance Neutralizes Pesticides Provides Antioxidants 

Wheat Grass Square (1/6 tray)

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