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  • Are Microgreens the same as sprouts?
    We get asked this question a lot – is microgreens just a fancy word for sprouts? The simple answer is no. Sprouts and Microgreens are actually very different. There are different growing processes, different nutritional benefits and at the end of the day, a completely different food experience. Here are 5 differences between Microgreens and Sprouts. 1. Sprouts Are Germinated Seeds. Microgreens Are Developed. Sprouts are simply germinated seeds. Microgreens go through a different planting and growth process that allows them to boast fully developed stems and leaves, making them significantly different in composition from sprouts. 2. Sprouts Are Grown In Water. Microgreens in Soil or Peat Moss. You may not know this, but sprouts are grown in water while microgreens are grown in soil or peat moss. Sprout seeds are never actually planted but go through a process of being grown in a very low light environment with high humidity levels. 3. Sprouts Take Much Less Time To Grow. Microgreens Take Longer. Producing sprouts usually takes a few days due to the high-intensity growing process. Microgreens on the other hand, usually take between one and six weeks to grow the first fully developed leaves and stems that are ready to be eaten. The growing process includes high-light and greenhouse conditions. 4. Sprouts Do Not Have The Same Nutritional Value. Microgreens Are Healthy. Microgreens are eaten once the first fully developed stems and leaves appear. When you eat a sprout you are eating the seed, stems and underdeveloped leaves. This makes a significant difference to the nutritional value between a microgreen and a sprout. To learn more about microgreen health benefits visit our Health Benefits of Microgreens page. 5. Microgreens and Sprouts Taste Very Different. Because microgreens are fully developed and sprouts are not, the flavours in microgreens are concentrated and the textures are delicate. Concentrated flavours allows you or your customer to enjoy a bright punch of freshness or a spicy aftertone with each bite. Source:
  • How long does it take for microgreens to grow?
    Microgreens typically take 7-10 days to grow while some slower growing varities can take upwards of 21 days.
  • Do I need to wash my greens?
    I will never discourage customers from washing their greens however when we harvest our microgreens we send them through a rinse and dry to remove most foreign debris such as bits of soil, extra seed that didn't germinate, perilite, etc. That way they are clean and at the correct moisture content to promote maximum freshness.
  • Do you use chemicals for your greens?
    We try to remain as organic as possible using hydrogen peroxide as our main form of combating fungus, mold and bacteria.
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