Where did Fresh Forage come from?

Fresh Forage in the beginning started off in the home and bathroom of Joel Weber.  Joel battled year after year on his commercial farm with the ever changing weather and crop conditions, always reacting to the situation to create a healthy growing environment.  He saw the potentials of being able to grow indoors and create a controlled growing environment for his crops.  However growing indoors although similar presents new challenges to overcome and many science experiments resulted much to the dismay of his wife.  Things that typical farmers may not think of too often such as air flow across the crops became very important.  Joel with his farming and engineering background rose to the challenge and continued experimenting and trying new techniques. 

After awhile Joel graduated from the bathroom to the deck and finally indoors of a friends basement.  This was a turning point where Joel really started to approach Fresh Forage as a business.  In addition to figuring out how to overcome growing challenges he also experimented with how to best store and handle the harvested greens.  He started attending farmers markets and started conducting market research to determine the best size that people preferred.  All this accumulated information, experiments and research contribute to our foundation as a company to provide quality produce year round.

How do we grow?

We grow using a number of techniques and systems.  Our microgreens are primarily grown in 10x20 trays filled with soil as a medium and placed into a tub that floods and drains, most people know this as an ebb and flow system. Our soil is pre-mixed commercial grade potting mix that is fast draining and is ideally suited for our application.  Although microgreens do not require special lighting we have use special LEDs that are both energy efficient and designed for growing greens indoors.

Our Team

Joel Weber CEO and founder

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