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Fresh Forage is proud to be a local Winnipeg Vertical Farm , providing quality produce year round.

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Fresh Forage is a local microgreen and vegetable producer utilizing  grow rooms and a vertical hydroponic systems to grow year round in the heart of Winnipeg.  We carry Winnipeg's largest variety of microgreens, grasses, and edible flowers.  In addition to these products we have started producing hydroponic leafy greens and herbs.  Our seed is sourced from here in Canada, and certified organic, non-gmo where possible.  Growing inside allows us to control every part of the plants growing experience from the type of soil, water, light, and air it receives and absorbs.  This significantly limits the risk of mold, disease, and insects.

You can find our product at these fine establishments and markets:

- St.Norbert Farmers Market, Saturdays 9 am - 1 pm (summer)

- Delucas Wholesale

- Delucas McGillvary Store

- Red River CO-OP Grant

- Red River CO-OP St.Vital

- Red River CO-OP Southdale

- Red River CO-OP Lorette

- Red River CO-OP Selkirk

- Red River CO-OP Stonewall

- Generation Green 

We strive to be the best in Winnipeg and we are constantly improving, tweaking and experimenting with our methods to bring our customers a quality product.  

We are a proud local business and we always appreciate the support of our customers.

We are located at 539 Osborne Street


If you are a chef or a food establishment manager please contact us for our promo code for better bulk pricing!

Basil, mint, baby dill and spring mix coming! System to go live Dec 1 with deliveries to follow soon after! Pricing will be released next week. Message for details