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We at Fresh Forage strive to produce nutritious & quality produce year round for our surrounding community.  We utilize modern energy efficient indoor growing methods such as LEDs, flood & drain tables, and aeroponics to best maximize our floor space and vertical space.  This allows us to reduce the amount of water that is typically consumed when growing plants. 


We give back to our community by donating our used commercial grade potting soil to the local South Osborne Community Garden to further improve the soil quality of the gardens.  We also donate extra greens to the kitchen at Siloam Mission where they incorporate them into dishes to help those that are less fortunate feel like they are dinning at a fancy restaurant. 


We grow many various varieties of microgreens, herbs (such as basil), grasses, and edible flowers for those looking to elevate their culinary experience and/or add an incredible amount of nutrients to their healthy lifestyle.

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539 Osborne Street

Winnipeg, MB R3L 2B2


Tel: 204-761-8891

Mon - Fri : 12 noon - 5pm
Saturday:  1pm - 5pm 
Sunday:  Closed

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